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Nasimul Ahsan  |  9 months ago
How Michael Peres Turned ADHD Into A Strength
Nasimul Ahsan  |  9 months ago
4 Crucial Lessons To Learn From Michael Peres’ Early Days In Business
Daniel Milligan  |  9 months ago
Business, computers and ADHD: How Michael Peres turned the tables

When you meet him today, Michael Peres appears to be every bit the self-made man. Having diversified mightily from his original calling as a software engineer, today he manages hundreds of clients spread across two startups and a number of other projects. Nor is he any stranger to social presence, with tens of thousands of followers on social media—and he makes all of this happen while traveling the world.

Shirlyn N  |  10 months ago
Hawaii Through The Eyes Of Travelpreneur Michael Peres

It’s not always easy to ditch the 9 to 5 and become a full time digital nomad. Many of us harbor secret fantasies of finally escaping the rat race, but few of us have the drive and courage required to take that first step. 

Olympias Moran  |  10 months ago
Michael Peres’​ 10 Tips for Hiring the Right Person While Working Around the World

Hiring someone when you can’t see them face-to-face can be daunting. Are they up to the task? Will they be reliable? What are their credentials like and can I trust what I’ve seen on an email or web profile? Now, try hiring a future employee from thousands of miles away. These are some of the conundrums faced by people like travelpreneur Michael Peres, from Montreal, Canada.

Daniel Milligan  |  11 months ago
Canadian-born travelpreneur, Michael Peres, reveals his five secrets to working while you travel

A Canadian-born travelpreneur has revealed his secrets to running a business from any given area of the world. Whether he is working in shorts on the beach in Hawaii or an internet cafe in Israel, Michael Peres, from Montreal, is one of a new generation of successful entrepreneurs. Now, after nearly three years on the road, the 29-year-old software engineer is offering his top tips to anyone planning to travel or work abroad.

Michael Peres  |  11 months ago
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