Breaking 9 To 5 Launch Date: 4/22/2019
A Guide To Becoming a Travelpreneur
Michael Peres
Founder of Breaking 9 To 5

Welcome to “Breaking 9 To 5”, where I’ve compiled the ultimate 10-step guide to becoming a successful travelpreneur: Someone who has a profitable business model that is NOT restricted to a certain location or schedule. You can work in your PJs at home or in a swimsuit in Bali. Freedom, Control, & Adventure!

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MY 10 Step Guide

Welcome to my 10 step guide on becoming a successful Travelpreneur!

Before getting started I want to plant a flag where everyone can see it:

This 10 step guide is not a secret formula, shortcut or a magic potion for success. It’s hard work! It requires passion, persistence and dedication in all domains of your life. This guide will reboot how you function as a person, and being free to travel while making money is almost a perk to this change of state. So, if you’ve come here in hopes for a shortcut to the good life, you’re better off investing in Bitcoin.

This 10 step guide will break down a high-functioning lifestyle into straight-forward actionable steps.

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Learn from and get inspired by uber successful travelpreneurs who are ALREADY living their dream life. How did they get started? What do they do? Where are their favorite travel destinations?

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